Trimmer Aviation STC SA02241AK - Fuel system in Short Wing Pipers

Maule Fuel Valve

Applicable to the PA-16, PA-20, PA-22 & PA-22/20 with any engine.

The fuel valve is replaced with a Maule fuel selector valve that has LEFT,RIGHT, BOTH & OFF. This also provides an alternate means of compliance for AD 60-10-08 an inspection of the the fuel selector valve detent.

The gascolator under the right seat is removed and a line is installed under the seat from the right side to the left side with two low point sump drains installed on the left side.

The primary reason that I pursued this STC was to accompany the installation of a left seaplane type door. As it turned out there are a couple of other benefits, with the use of "goose neck" fuel caps which add pressure to the fuel tanks, the Lycoming O-360 180 Horsepower engine may be installed using a gravity feed fuel supply (eliminates the mechanical & electric boost pumps).

Fuel Lines Right Side  
Front left view. No fuel line running through the instrment panel.   On the right side of the plane, both the front and rear fuel lines meet at a "T". From there the line runs under the front seats. Fuel connections still have to be made in this picture.
From the front right side of the plane you can see where the forward right side fuel line is routed, and you can also see the routing of the left rear fuel line.     Here you can see that the lowest location for both tanks are convenietly located just outside of the pilot's door.