Trimmer Aviation STCs

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Installation of Cleveland 199-62 or 19962A
wheel and brake kit or ABI, LLC 199-62 or
199-62A wheel and brake kit for 1.5" axles
and also Cleveland 199-71 or ABI, LLC 199-71
wheel and brake kit for 1.250 axles.
Price - $400

PA-12, PA-16, PA-18, PA-20, PA-22


Installation of a Sensenich Wood Propeller
W80CM8-XX on aircraft which have Lycoming O-360
series engines installed.
Price - $400

PA-16, PA-20, PA-22/20


Installation of a Maule Fuel Selector Valve
and Associated Fuel System Upgrade
(Required with Left Hand Seaplane Door STC)
Price - $350

PA-16, PA-20, PA-22

STC SA02263AK Fabrication and Installation of a Left Hand Seaplane Door
Price - $250
PA-16, PA-20, PA-22

STC SA02264AK Fabrication and Installation of a Right Hand Seaplane Door
Price - $250
PA-16, PA-20, PA-22
STC SA02280AK Installation of a Maule Fuel Selector Valve that has LEFT,RIGHT, BOTH & OFF. This also provides an alternate means of compliance for AD 60-10-08 an inspection of the the fuel selector valve detent.
Price - $75
PA-18, PA-19, PA-20, PA-22

STC SA02345AK Convert Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer to tail dragger with conventional gear.  Installation of a PA-18 three inch extended landing gear with Maule oleo struts.
Price - $750. PA-18 Landing Gear, Cabane Vee, Tires and fabricated parts are available at Airframes Alaska, LLC.
PA-16, PA-20, PA-22/20

STC SA02383AK Installation of a single-sided control Yoke with provisions for a Push to Talk switch.  The Yokes may be fabricated by the purchasers maintenance facility or they may be purchased pre-fabricated by a supplier.
Price - $250 for STC (covers both sides), Yoke - $150 per side.
PA-22/20, PA-20,
PA-22, Maule
STC paperwork filed Move the aileron outboard 24" and then extends the flap outboard & inboard to the fuselage, as a part of this STC we may include the installation of an additional 18 gallon tank in either or both wings.  

STC SA02306AK We have an STC approved for the installation of a

180 horsepower Lycoming O-360* Engine
on PA-20, PA-22/20, & PA-16 Airplanes

*( A1A, A1D, A2A, A2D, A2E, A2F, A3A, A3D, A4A, A4M, A4N, & A4P )

This STC covers the installation of a 180 HP engine on a conventional geared Piper.

A Tri-Pacer will need to be converted to conventional gear to qualify for this STC.
Price - $2,100 (Additional shipping charges may apply)

The approved STCs are available for purchase, or Eddie can do the work in his hangar at Willow, Alaska.

Trimmer Aviation